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Viking Runecraft 100 Slot Review | PlayTech

Life is a tapestry woven with countless stories and experiences, each thread contributing to the unique narrative of an individual's journey. Similarly, in the realm of casino gaming, Play'n GO adeptly crafts tales from various elements, blending them into captivating slot experiences. Viking Runecraft 100 is a prime example of this artistry, interweaving strands from past successes like Viking Runecraft, Rise of Olympus 100, and Sweet Alchemy 100. However, Viking Runecraft 100 isn't just a mere reskin; it infuses the familiar anime-inspired action of Moon Princess 100 with a weightier, more divine essence.

Launched in 2017, the original Viking Runecraft slot celebrated the rich tapestry of Viking culture, showcasing its formidable warriors in a mythical landscape. Viking Runecraft 100 mirrors this grandeur, immersing players in an icy realm reminiscent of Niflheim, the primordial realm where life met creation in a clash with Muspelheim. Play'n GO's mastery in utilizing Viking imagery ensures an immersive experience, evoking the spirit of Norse mythology that enthusiasts will find irresistible.

The core mechanics of Viking Runecraft 100 closely resemble Moon Princess 100, delivering a highly volatile slot experience with a default return to player of approximately 96.2%. Players can wager stakes ranging from 20 cents to $/€100, with wins generated from vertical or horizontal lines of matching symbols on the 5x5 game grid. Following a win, symbols are removed, and existing ones cascade down, with the win multiplier increasing after each cascade. Notably, a wild symbol occupies the central empty position upon a 3-symbol win.

Symbolically rich, the game features low-paying icons such as axes, anchors, helmets, and hammers, while high pays include representations of Norse gods like Heimdall, Freya, and Thor. Wilds substitute for any pay symbol and can yield significant rewards, with a 5-wild winning line worth 50 times the bet. Moreover, if wilds remain the sole symbols on the grid, they are removed, paving the way for potentially lucrative cascades.

Viking Runecraft 100 introduces captivating features, including the dynamic God Power, a chargeable meter leading to Ragnarök, free spins, and the coveted Clear Grid prize. The God Power feature triggers randomly on non-winning spins, with each god bestowing unique abilities to aid players in forming winning combinations. As the meter fills through wins featuring god symbols, Ragnarök is unleashed, granting a round where Thor, Freya, and Heimdall unleash their powers simultaneously. Achieving a cleared grid during Ragnarök triggers free spins, where the win multiplier can soar up to x100.

In summary, Viking Runecraft 100 is a seamless blend of familiar mechanics and captivating Norse mythology. While critics may decry its similarities to previous titles, its engaging gameplay and thematic depth make it a worthy addition to Play'n GO's portfolio. Whether reveling in the cascading wins or unleashing the powers of the gods, Viking Runecraft 100 promises an exhilarating journey through the storied realms of Norse mythology.


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