How to Play Fishing God on 26BET?

January 11, 2023

Spadegaming Company’s Fishing God is a video fish shooting game in 26bet with a fishing theme, not a game of skill. Spadegaming has provided a new way to bet your money and earn winnings in a fun way.

This is an arcade game that will allow you to dive deep into the ocean and test your fishing skills. You can aim for various fish and ocean creatures which will award generous payouts if you manage to capture them. As there are several Special Fish, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy even more generous winnings. To learn more about the features and how to play Fishing God profitably, read this article to the end!

3 Game Levels of  Plays

  • Junior : This is the amateur playroom for the newbies. At this stage, the number of bullets equals the amount of 0.01. This amount is one coin, which makes it ideal for new players.
  • Expert : You need to spend between 0.1 to 5 coins before you can join. You’re tipped to partake only if you had experience in this game for many years.
  • Godlike : This mode is best for people who are ready to spend big and make substantial money, it costs 1 to 10c coins.


Fishing God Game Features

  • Designed with 3D images, any player will be moved with the graphics flow and mesmerizing sound of the sea waves whistling.
  • Can easily redeem your rewards quickly with very attractive exchange rates.
  • Ensures transparency, safety, and protection of players’ personal data.
  • Works on both mobile smartphones and desktop computers.
  • You get gifts according to the ranking in hunting. So, if you rank higher, you will get more gifts.
  • 24/7 customer service support is available to answer all your queries.


Fishing Game Bonus

  • All new 26BET members are entitled to redeem the 100% Slots/Fishing Welcome Bonus of up to MYR588.
  • This promotion is only valid for all Slots/Fishing Games.
  • Members can claim the bonus through (My Account) page, click (Transfer)- Key in the transfer amount from (My Wallet) to the (Preferred Game Provider) wallet – Choose (100% SLOTS/FISHING WELCOME BONUS) from the promo code list.


How to Play Fishing God?

For every shot taken, the balance will be reduced by the equivalent amount of coins for the bullet. For instance, let’s assume you are using a gun having a destructive power of 60, then your account will be deducted 60 cents for every shot taken. However, if you manage to shoot down the Boss, you will be raking in 500 coins. In other words, you’ll be making 440 cents.

The game is easy to pick up. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Choose the game and proceed to select the game level you want.
  • Tap the gun to shoot and control the barrel to hit your target.
  • Click on the the “Aim” button to lock aim at your target.
  • Choose the “Auto” option to enable an automatic shot.
  • Shoot down the most stubborn fish to win more coins.
  • Feel free to adjust the bullet levels between 1 and 100.



Fishing God is surely an extremely thrilling arcade game that a lot may enjoy. Hunt as many fish as you can to become the next Fishing God. Try your luck playing this game and enjoy the electrifying graphics it gives and the number of prizes it can offer. All the terrific surprises await you. Together, let’s hunt fishes in the ocean and defeat them all. Register an account at 26bet the best and trusted online casino Malaysia and claim more exclusive Fishing bonuses and promotions today!

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